I am an IT consultant and project manager. I specialize in delivering solutions involving innovative technology platforms with focus on network infrastructure and cloud. IT Managers and companies bring me in when they need to…


  • Do a business plan for Digital transformation
  • Plan and Move workloads to the Cloud & integrate
  • Review and optimize network security
  • Make SDN a reality
  • Improve Routing & Switching Performance
  • Get customized training for their teams
  • Find & manage resources for their projects
  • Get help from an experienced, network & cloud architect
  • Re-gain control of a project and achieve their goals
  • Document IT network & make better decisions


My mission is clear

I specialize in solving business challenges due to complex IT problems, by finding and implementing the right IT infrastructure for your business or making the existing infrastructure work more efficiently. This process may also include managing projects or technical teams.


I help you lead with innovation-inspired technology and agility. Don’t let your legacy systems slow you down, I can guide you throughout the transformation journey at a pace that’s right for your business.

Experience & Performance

I have 20+ years of global experience, mostly working at Cisco Systems in the USA and Germany.


Cloud Consulting

Network Transformation Consulting 

Cloud & Network Security

Project Management