Whether you are integrating new infrastructure or services into an existing infrastructure, or migrating to a complete new solution, I assist you throughout the entire process.

I work together with your staff to ensure the new solution is properly architected and implemented, delivered on time and in accordance to service-level agreements.


Migration to the cloud is a strategic decision for all types of companies as it offers almost immediately greater agility, performance, redundancy, flexibility, access to innovation, cost reduction and return on investment. My services include:

  • Migration of Servers and Applications
  • Cloud Security
  • Storage and Archiving
  • Hybrid Cloud & Multicloud
  • Automation
  • Cisco on AWS
  • Customized Solutions

Next generation technologies and integration with Cloud are key for a network infrastructure that adapts to your business need. My services include:

  • Architecture, deployment and optimization for LAN, WAN, WLAN
  • Architecture, deployment and optimization for SDN for data center (ACI), SDN for WAN (SD-WAN), SDN for Campus (SD-Access)
  • Routing and Switching
  • Network Transformation
  • Hybrid Networking

Protection of data and applications in the network and the cloud through access control, encryption, incident response, management and infrastructure security. My services include:

  • Architecture, deployment and optimization of security on LAN, WAN, WLAN
  • Architecture, deployment and optimization of security on Cloud


Recent Projects and Solutions

Network Separation (Carve Out) for large German Enterprise

Rollout of LAN and WLAN networks separation for multiple sites globally. Coordination of concept creation and migration for network management tools, Performance improvement involving SDWAN, LAN/WAN, WLAN and network security. Handled multiple migrations in parallel in an Agile project management environment.

Technologies: SDWAN, BGP, MPLS, Security, WLAN

Deployment of Call Center (Amazon Connect) on AWS Cloud

Migration of traditional call center to AWS Cloud. Integration with existing external database and website. Performed the design and implementation activities of the whole solution.

Technologies: Amazon Connect, Lambda, Dynamo DB, S3, Cloudfront

Deployment of Online Proctoring System on AWS

Design and implementation of online, real-time proctoring platform on AWS and integration with Remote exam management system for schools and universities. The solution uses live video to supervise students and incorporate a live dashboard for teachers and supervisors, in a high secure environment.

Technologies: AWS Kinesis video, Lambda, Dynamo DB, S3, Cloudfront, API GW, Cognito, RDS, Fargate, mobile apps for IOS and Android.

SDN Migration for headquarters of the largest Spanish Bank

Migration of Cisco Nexus 7K based datacenter infrastructure with more than 4000 end points to Cisco ACI. Multisite design with more than 120 leaves. Network architect role, performing Low level design review, creation of implementation plan, Lab design, implementation and testing plans, Migration execution and test plan.

Technologies: Cisco ACI (Nexus 9K), UCS, Data center Switching, Security, BGP, OSPF, Integration with different vendors.

Deployment of Kubernetes Infrastructure on AWS (EKS)

Review & re-deployment of a managed Kubernetes solution using AWS’ EKS service. Cloud Networking architect role, performing EKS deployment (redesign and re-deployment), Testing and Documentation.

Technologies: EKS, EC2

Hybrid Cloud networking deployment on AWS Cloud

Design Review and implementation of a hybrid cloud solution using AWS’ Direct Connect and Cisco CSR 1000V solution for connectivity of AWS’ workloads with on-premises servers in Singapore Datacenter.  Cloud Networking architect role performing review of end to end connectivity, AWS networking environment redesign, Cisco’s CSR 1000V configuration for VPN connectivity with Datacenter, Documentation.

Technologies: ECS, Direct Connect, Cisco virtual Router CSR on AWS, site to site VPN

Communications network and Security Architecture for Underground rail System

Design and implementation of Cisco based EVPN/MPLS network for underground transportation system in Toronto (Canada). Network Architect role, performing High level design, low level design, implementation plan, execution of implementation, lab design and test plan and documentation.

Technologies: EVPN MPLS, BGP, Cisco Catalyst 9K, SDA, Switching, Security