Migración de Servidores y Aplicaciones. Optimización, mejora de Seguridad, reducción de costes, servicios gestionados.

Servicios de planificación, diseño, implementación y optimización para infraestructura de redes.

Me aseguro que las tareas de sus proyectos estén claramente definidos, bien planificados e implementados sin problemas - Waterfall o Agile

Servicios adicionales relacionados con la infraestructura end-to-end de TI para facilitar su viaje hacia la transformación digital.

Necesito ...

Migrar cargas a la nube e integrarlas con Datacenter
Revisar y optimizar la seguridad
Implementar "Disaster Recovery"
Gestionar el proyecto, tradicional o Agile
Reducir la factura mensual - Optimización de Costes
Documentar para tomar mejores decisiones
Implementar Teletrabajo

Por que
mis servicios?

Cuando la infraestructura de TI (Cloud y on-premnises) funciona sin problemas, es segura y los costes están bajo control, se convierte en un "facilitador" del negocio. Puedo ayudarte a asegurarte de que eso suceda.


Extremely efficient and professional is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Amador. I had the opportunity of working with Amador for five years as peers on several projects across the US and Latin America and can attest of his tremendous attention to detail and focus on customer success. Amador’s ability to handle multiple critical projects while keeping full control and assertive command was inspiring for the team and very effective for problem resolution. His methodical and organized approach to facing these challenges was also a learning opportunity for me, his management team and younger engineers in the making. As a team member and leader, any team would be lucky to have him, Amador has my full confidence and earns my recommendation.

Director, Services – Cisco Sytems

I had the pleasure of working under Amador as Sr. Network Consultant for Data center designs for over 4 years at Cisco. Amador has a great blend of top technical skill and people management ability that makes him amongst the mid management leaders in the networking and application space. He has demonstrated tangible results with guiding multiple technical teams under difficult situations with very calm behavior. He has demonstrated time, and time again, ability to lead remote organizations through all cycles of organizational evolution. In the process, he ensures that team under his leadership stays aligned, focused and delivers significant value to the organization. It was a pleasure to work with him and I am confident he will bring tremendous value to an organization he is part of.

Consulting Engineer, Cisco Systems

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